About the Centre

The Centre for Intermedia promotes advanced transdisciplinary research in performance and the arts through collaborations between artists, academics and scientists from a range of disciplines.

Intermedial research implies exchanges founded on disciplinary-based concepts, practices and methodologies, advancing specific disciplinary inquiries while creating new and interdisciplinary academic and artistic territories.

The Centre's aims include:

  • investigating the discourses and histories through which intermedial practices have evolved;
  • researching histories, practices and technologies of exhibition, documentation, archiving and replay of art and performance;
  • advancing the creation and dissemination of new knowledge and methods through inter-disciplinary academic and artistic exchange;
  • developing work, applications and practices that reach beyond the Academy.

The Centre's developing work, including projects on archiving, mixed reality performance and the communication of climate change in art, has been highlighted as a key grouping within the Digital Worlds subtheme in the University's Humanities and Social Sciences Strategy.