About the Centre

The Exeter Centre for Literatures of Identity, Place and Sustainability (ECLIPSE) facilitates research into literary and cultural representations of identity, place and sustainability. Sitting within the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI), the Centre seeks to ensure that research into environment and sustainability includes its significant social and cultural dimensions.

ECLIPSE’s focus is on how literature and language including discourses of myth, memory, and history relate to particular environments, whether natural or built. It seeks to develop a ‘cultural environmentalism’ for the 21st century.

Research at ECLIPSE embraces a range of cultural representations of identity and place, from the problems of humanistic engagements with climate change to examinations of international, national and regional issues of identity.

Our research includes:

  • an AHRC-funded project into the role of myth and mysticism in the development of Celtic identity
  • an interdisciplinary ESF-funded project spanning literary studies, geography and biology on imaginative responses to climate change
  • research into the cultural history of flora and fauna, the relationship between literature and landscape, urban spatial identity, and the cultural reception of the prehistoric and historic environment.

As an interdisciplinary initiative, ECLIPSE is based in the Department of English at the University of Exeter, but incorporates research and co-opts members from various disciplines and departments.