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Image courtesy of Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Treasures of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum on show at creative writing event

Clothing and objects from the Royal Albert Memorial Museum’s collections rarely seen by the public will be on show at an event to inspire creative writing in Exeter.

University of Exeter experts will be on hand to bring to life the history behind the artefacts, which have been chosen for their association with key moments in people’s lives - birth, marriage or death. Those attending the workshop, through considering the history and personal stories associated with the items, and looking at the ways in which such items have been represented in literature of the past, will be encouraged to start writing their own stories.

Dr Patricia Zakreski and Dr Jane Feaver’s event, Coat Tales: The Stories Clothes Tell, is part of the Being Human Festival of Humanities. Dr Zakreski is an expert on art and design in the Victorian era and Jane Feaver is a writer.

Dr Zakreski will give information about the materials and techniques used in making the individual items, and how to identify clues as to age and maker. These findings will lead discussion about the past. Jane Feaver will then lead a creative writing workshop where attendees will be encouraged to produce their own responses to the objects.

Dr Zakreski said: “These objects are beautiful and associated with some of the owner’s most special times, so we hope they’ll really inspire people to start creatively writing.

“The history of the artefacts should provide some really wonderful ideas for new poems or short stories, and we’ll be on hand to help people start to express themselves through words.”

The event will be held on 23 November 2016, from 1pm to 4pm at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

Date: 17 November 2016

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