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Autobiophony video

Autobiophony video

A Voice Is. A Voice Has. A Voice Does

A Voice Is. A Voice Has. A Voice Does. is a performance-lecture devised and performed by Konstantinos Thomaidis. Drawing on Thomaidis’s 15 years of research on voice, the piece uses live and amplified storytelling in English and Greek; singing in Greek, English and Ladino; poetry and spoken word in English, Greek and French; artificial and pre-recorded voices, lip-synching, and interactive choral composition, to ask:

  • What happens when a voice narrates itself?
  • What happens when a voice self-narrates the history of its narration?
  • Which are the benefits of narrating one’s own vocal narrative?
  • What is the epistemic benefit of thinking of this narrative less as writing one’s story (autobiography) and more as listening to oneself voicing the story of their voice (autobiophony)?

The piece is the core output of a practice-as-research output that:

  • identified a new interdisciplinary area of research (vocal autobiography) and developed voice-sensitive methodologies for investigating voice as part of one’s personal history (autobiophony);
  • subverted academic ex-nomination and logocentric approaches to vocal knowledge and proposed tools for locating voice-based research within the researcher’s, teacher’s, artist’s or trainee’s intersectional positionality;
  • facilitated co-creative methodologies of autobiophony through performances, workshops and talks and fostered a new lineage of autobiophonic practice through the work of voice lecturers and students.

Originally performed at the University of Exeter (2018 and 2019), the performance-lecture was then invited by the Norwegian Theatre Academy (2018) and the University of Portsmouth (2019), and an excerpt was featured in the Auralia.Space ‘Lend Me Your Ears’ Salon (2021).

View the PowerPoint slides‌ that accompany the video output for A Voice is. A Voice Has. A Voice Does.