Postgraduate Research Students

In Drama at Exeter we're proud of the research carried out by our PhD and MPhil students. There is a large range of research areas being investigated by the 30 students currently working in Drama across our research programmes. Many of the students maintain an online personal profile detailing their research activities. 
Follow the links below to find out more about our students and their research projects.

PhD in Drama

  • Aqeel Abdulla -- "British Asian feminist contemporary plays"
  • Erin Baker -- "Ethics of practice"
  • Keneth Bamuturaki -- "The Poetics of Conscientisation, Empowerment and Social Change: Exploring Community Theatre as a Development Communication Science in post war northern Uganda"
  • Rose Biggin -- "Audience immersion: environment, interactivity, narrative in the work of Punchdrunk"
  • Mrunal Chavda -- "Rasa aesthetics and contemporary drama in India and the diaspora"
  • Hannah Cummings -- "Authentic Encounters: Participatory Performance"
  • Rasha Dawood -- "The influence of modern western theatre on Egyptian drama"
  • Andrzej Dobosz -- "Adaptation and Audio-Visual Composition of  Oscar Wilde's Novels for the Stage" 
  • Sam Grogan -- "What constitutes characterisation in 20th and 21st century Eurocentric dance theatre and physical theatre"
  • Meghan Johnston -- "Changing the Script: Performance-based play interventions in domestic violence contexts"
  • Antigoni Katsouri -- "Ritualistic elements in contemporary productions of Greek tragedy"
  • Effrosyni Mastrokalou -- "'Bright' and 'dark' consciousness as psychophysical principles and methods of creative inspiration in the actor's optimal state of heightened awareness."
  • Sarah McCarthy -- "Performing Critical Affection for Heritage"
  • Sarah McCourt -- "The process of adapting Shakespeare for performance by small casts in contemporary British theatre"
  • Ian McNish -- "The theatre of Gunduv Kalic"
  • Ilaria Pinna -- "Fragmented Politics: Theatre and Engagement in Contemporary Italy"
  • Jack Robson -- "Small-scale touring theatre in the south west region"
  • Elizabeth Swift -- "From hypertext to performance text"
  • Maria Turri
  • Anthony Weir -- "The politics of theatrical discourse: a dialectic performance project"
  • Yi-Chen Wu -- "Theatre arts and body-consciousness in space in Taiwan"

PhD in Performance Practice

  • Faustina Brew
  • I-Lien Ho -- "Intercultural performance, cultural identities"
  • Sunhee Kim -- "Emotion and performance processes: a reconsideration from a Korean Buddhist perspective"
  • Kelly Miller -- "Women's Artistic Gymnastics: A Globally Relevant Psychophysical Performer Training for Physical Theatre"
  • Ellie Nixon -- "Le Corps Poétique:  Jacques Lecoq’s heuristic pedagogy of the imagination and contemporary devised theatre"
  • Bonghee Son -- "How can the 'cosmopolitan' actor be trained as a psychophysically 'ready' performer by adapting the principles and practices of Korean methods: 'Ocheubub', a Korean martial art, 'Taek   kyun' , and 'traditional dance' and 'Bongsan   Mask dance."
  • Anna Tzakou -- "From Body Site to Cultural Site: geographies of embodiment in the Greek Landscape"

MPhil in Performance Practice

  • Akkas Alali
  • Swati Arora
  • Clark Baim
  • Rebecca Benzie -- "Reconstructing the Past: a feminist reading of contemporary playwrights' representation of the past on stage"
  • Pawinee Boonserm
  • Clarissa Brown -- "Contextualising the playwriting process"
  • Adam Brummitt
  • Chico Carino
  • George Chouliaras -- "The use of Impulse / Instinct towards a contemporary performance of ancient Hellenic (Greek) drama"
  • Nazlihan Ercin
  • Abhishek Hazra
  • Kate Holmes -- "Negotiating Muscular Feminity in the Popular Performances of Female Aerialists"
  • Alexandra Mackenzie Johns
  • Sharanya Murali
  • Evelyn O'Malley -- "Outdoor Shakespeare"
  • Rebecca Savory
  • Sabina Sen
  • Jon Venn -- "Depictions of Mental Health in Contemporary Theatre, particularly in regards to issues of Agency"
  • Nora Williams -- "Middleton and Rowley's The Changeling in print and in performance, 1961-2012"