Recent grants awarded (current researchers since 2008)

'1 Beach Road'

  • Rebecca Loukes received ACE funding for 1 Beach Road totalling approximately £75,000 (2010–2011).

Chekhov symposium and the Dartington Archives

  • Jerri Daboo has been awarded £1200 as a private donation to host a symposium on Michael Chekhov and the Dartington Archives. Partner organisations are the Dartington Trust Archives and the Devon Records Office (2011).

'The Echo Chamber'

  • Phillip Zarrilli has received ACW, Chapter Arts Centre, special fund, University of Exeter funding totalling £10,000 for The Echo Chamber (2012).

'The Idiot Colony'

  • Rebecca Loukes was awarded ACE funding for The Idiot Colony totalling approximately £65,000 (2008–2009).

'Playing the Maids'

  • Phillip Zarrilli has received funding from Arts Council of Wales totalling £10,000 for this project, which also involved Adrian Curtin (2013)

'Staging Naussica at 50'

  • Sarah Goldingay was awarded £38,000 by the AHRC for staging a new work written and directed by Howard Barker exploring the plethoric on stage: Staging Naussica at 50. Partners: Wrestling School and the Northcott Theatre (2011).

'A Stratigraphy of Performer Training'

  • Rebecca Loukes received University HUM-LES Pump-priming grant with Richard Brazier, Geography, Exeter for the project ‘A Stratigraphy of Performer Training: An Interdisciplinary Investigation’, £1,600 (2011).

'Told By The Wind'

  • Phillip Zarrilli received AHRC and ACE funding for Told By The Wind totalling £32,819 (2009).