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Exeter Digital Archives

Exeter Digital Archives of Performance Practice, directed by Peter Hulton, currently consists of 25 international archives which have been created and placed under one imprint in order to acknowledge the dynamic range of contemporary performance practice and to support departmental research and teaching. The archives house over 1000 hours of digital audio-visual documentation and are accessible both within the department's Postgraduate Computer Suite and in the main University Library. The archives have also been encoded and exist on an Intranet within the University so that material is accessible within departmental teaching and study spaces. Selected material has been edited and placed within ELE (Exeter Learning Environment) in support of individual departmental modules.

As Director of Exeter Digital Archives Peter Hulton has filmed, edited and produced a number of recently published DVD-ROMs documenting international training and performance.

Key titles

  • Core Training by Alison Hodge, Routledge, 2013
  • Andrei Drozin’s Physical Actor Training: A Russian Masterclass, conceived and edited by Paul Allain, translated and taught by Natalia Fedorova, Routledge, 2012
  • 'Acts of Presence', Nick Kaye and Gabriella Giannachi, The Drama Review, 2011
  • Zygmunt Molik’s Voice and Body Work: The Legacy of Jerzy Grotowski, Giuliano Campo with Zygmunt Molik, Routledge, 2010
  • Theatre Games: An Approach to Drama Training, Clive Barker, Methuen/Drama 2010
  • The Practice of Tadashi Suzuki: A Critical Study, Paul Allain, Methuen/Drama 2009
  • Psychophysical Acting: An Intercultural Approach After Stanislavski, Phillip B. Zarrilli, Routledge 2009