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About us

About us

The Centre for Contemporary Performance Practices (CCPP) is committed to making connections between academia and the world beyond. We investigate practice as a mode of research (Practice Research), asking questions about the relationships between performance practice and performance and cultural theory.

The expertise held within the centre has shaped national and international conversations concerning the intersections between practice, research and pedagogy. We are experts in performer training, site-specific performance, ensemble theatre and vocal technique. Our practices include devising, directing, dramaturgy, performing and writing.

CCPP currently hosts four staff-led performance companies (RedCape, ARTEL, Adrift Performance Makers, Wrights & Sites), and has been involved with the establishment of Exeter’s Maketank — an artist-led grassroots organisation with a mission to build a sustainable community-based platform for creativity and civic engagement.

Our companies perform across the world, receive prestigious arts funding and collaborate with academics and practitioners in a variety of national and international contexts.

Since 2015, RedCape has mounted two newly-devised works, touring the UK; Wrights & Sites has produced two artists’ publications, disseminated in the UK and India, while Stephen Hodge has created two solo works; ARTEL has been developing a collaboration with Animal Cracker Conspiracy and an internet-based art project. AdriftPM has been successful in developing vocal techniques, collaborating with Virginie Magnat (University of British Columbia) in drawing from creative training, mindfulness and cultural practices towards improved wellbeing. The initial symposium (2018) became a research cluster funded by a UBC Eminence Grant and the Wellcome Centre, Exeter.

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