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Photo of Professor Richard Seaford

Professor Richard Seaford

Emeritus Professor


Professor Richard Seaford

I am strongly committed to the view that the study of ancient culture is a vital form of liberation (from the triviality and increasing narrowness of our own media culture).

I have published about 90 papers on subjects that include Homer, Greek lyric poetry, Greek religion, presocratic philosophy, the comparison of early Indian with early Greek religion and thought, Greek tragedy, satyric drama, the New Testament, and the reception of ancienet drama.

My books include commentaries on the two Dionysiac plays of Euripides (Bacchae and Cyclops), and Reciprocity and Ritual: Homer and Tragedy in the Developing City-State (Oxford University Press,1994), Money and the Early Greek Mind: Homer, Philosophy, Tragedy (Cambridge University Press, 2004), Dionysos (Routledge, 2006), and Cosmology and the Polis: the Social Construction of Space and Time in the Tragedies of Aeschylus (Cambridge University Press, 2012, research funded by the Leverhulme Trust). 

I have an abiding interest in uncovering the relationship - in ancient Greece as well as in our own society - between how people think and the shape of the society in which they live.

In 2009 I was honorary President of the national Classical Association.

I am currently producing, as a monograph, a historical comparison of early Greek with early Indian thought. This arises out of a project funded by the Ats and Humanities Research Council.

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2005-2008: Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship