Photo of Professor Martin Pitts

Professor Martin Pitts

Associate Professor in Roman Archaeology

BA MA Ph.D (York) FHEA


Extension: 4205

Telephone: 01392 724205

My research deals with the late Iron Age to Roman transition in northwest Europe, and the application of quantitative methods to studying artefacts and material culture. I have particular interests in the consumption of both food and 'things' in general, and how circulating objects can inform our understanding of globalising processes. I am the current director of the Exeter Centre for Connectivity in the Roman World, which was founded in 2015 to spearhead research into the impact of connectivity, globalising processes and human mobility in the Roman world.

Much of my work to date concerns the analysis of pottery and finds assemblages, which present an ideal resource for shedding light on the ancient world, from economic activities to cultural practices. In addition to the Roman period, my research also touches upon mass consumption and globalisation in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (Chinese porcelain), and the twentieth century (oils, fats and cuisine), for comparative perspectives.

These topics and themes all play a major role in my undergraduate and specialist MA teaching, which includes modules on Barbarian societies, Rome: globalisation and materiality, and Britain in the Roman world. I am especially happy to consider working with PhD candidates in the following research areas:

  • Roman archaeology, esp. late Iron Age to Roman northwest Europe
  • Globalisation, culture, and the circulation of objects
  • Quantitative approaches to pottery and material culture
  • Standardisation and mass consumption in antiquity
  • Urbanism and the archaeology of the Roman economy