Photo of Dr Kristin Leith

Dr Kristin Leith


When I was 12, I had a plan: become a ballerina, retire at 30, then become an archaeologist. That's the simple version of what has happened so far... After dancing professionally as a contemporary dancer and founding and running a Los Angeles-based PR consultancy (1996-2003), which created bespoke marketing and audience development strategies for the performing arts, music and charity sectors, my interest in culture and gender compelled me to pursue post graduate study in London, where I received an MA in Classics from KCL in 2005 and a PhD from UCL in Archaeology in 2013.

Since then, I have worked in the Higher Education and Heritage & Culture sectors as a researcher and teacher: undertaking academic research projects, producing peer-reviewed publications, presenting research at international conferences and seminars, creating and delivering learning content as a teacher at the Universities of Cambridge (2013) and Exeter (2015-2017), overseeing multi-organisation collaborations and gaining extensive public engagement experience.

I am married to Dr. David Leith (Lecturer, Classics and Ancient History).