Dr Emma Nicholson

Research interests

My research interests range broadly across Hellenistic history, historiography and epigraphy, with a focus on Polybios, Philip V of Macedon, the Antigonids, ancient Macedonia, Hellenistic kingship, rhetoric and interstate relations. 

I am currently working on converting my PhD thesis into a monograph entitled Philip V of Macedon in Polybios' Histories. This project was originally funded by an AHRC Fellowship.

My next research project is entitled ‘Polybios and the Challenge of Change’. It will produce the first full-scale investigation of Polybios’ Histories as a response to the challenges of political and social change faced by the ancient Mediterranean after the collision of Greece and Rome in the third and second centuries BC - the key change being the transition from a world subject to Hellenistic kingdoms to a world subject to Rome. The aim is to explore Polybios’ work from a new perspective: not just as a treatise on imperialism, but also as one on the nature of change and how to cope with it.


Research collaborations

Centre for Hellenistic and Romano-Greek Culture and Society

I am a member of the Centre for Hellenistic and Romano-Greek Culture and Society. Since 2001 the Centre has been an aegis for intensive individual and collaborative research in the Hellenistic world and the reception of Greek culture in the Roman world and beyond. The Centre’s work has been taken forward by a grant of more than £500K from the A.G. Leventis Foundation across the 2010-18 period to support work on the Impact of Greek Culture.