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Classics PhD at Exeter

Dr Richard Flower explains what it's like to study for your Classics PhD at Exeter.

Classics and Ancient History is proud to have been awarded a Bronze Award on the Gender Equality Charter Mark (GEM) trial run conducted by the Equality Challenge Unit.


The Department of Classics and Ancient History at Exeter are centres of excellence for teaching and research across a broad and diverse range of interests within our disciplines. We are a dynamic and friendly team who offer intellectually challenging and wide-ranging teaching, and a flourishing research culture.

Featured academics

Here are a few of our academics involved in research within the department;

Our current PGRs

We're proud of the research carried out by our PhD students. There are currently around 15 PhD students in the Department, many of whom maintain an online personal profile detailing their research activities. Follow the links below to find out more about them and their research projects.

StudentResearch titleLead supervisor
Andrea Argenti Aristotle's Metaphysics Z from the Standpoint of his Theory of Definition Dr Gabriele Galluzzo
Luigi Barzini Frogs and Bacchae: civil violence, mystery rituals and theatre in the last year of the polis. Professor Lynette Mitchell
Paul Dean The parode less travelled: Parôidia and the discourse of Homeric reception Professor Matthew Wright
Taylor Fitzgerald The Use of Dynastic Connections in Representations of Imperial Legitimacy, AD 284-366 Dr Richard Flower
Maria Gisella Giannone Democracy in Fourth Century Oratory Professor Lynette Mitchell
Marcelina Gilka A Study of Colluthus, The Abduction of Helen Professor Daniel Ogden
Elisa Groff"> Sexual and Reproductive Health in the changing world of Christianity (300-700 CE) Professor Rebecca Langlands
Sam Hayes What's in a Libellus? Martial Book VII. Professor Rebecca Langlands
Maria Kneafsey Boundaries in Late Antique Rome. Professor Barbara Borg
Antonio Leonardis   Professor Elena Isayev