Gilded silver disc with a representation of Cybele in a lion-drawn chariot driven by Nike, attendants with parasol and incense burner, and a representation of Helios in the sky.  Aï Khanoum, temple à redans , C3 BCE. National Museum of Afghanistan, Kabul. (c) Wikimedia Commons.

Gilded silver disc with a representation of Cybele in a lion-drawn chariot driven by Nike. 

Dialogues between Greece and the East

9-11 September 2013
University of Exeter

An international conference organised and funded through the Leventis Initiative on the Impact of Greek Culture.

The campaigns of Alexander the Great and the emergence of Successor Kingdoms had an enormous effect on the cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean. The investigation of the impact of Greek culture in this changed world continues to challenge academic thought: what is the evidence for cultural dialogue and exchange? How should this new relationship between East and West be conceptualised and is ‘Hellenism’ still (or again) an adequate tool to describe these phenomena?

This conference will address the provocative challenges posed by the Hellenistic world by bringing together scholars working in diverse areas of this exciting period. It will have four panels on different geographical locations and cultural fields, ranging from Ptolemaic Egypt to ancient Baktria and India, and from the histories of localities and empires to the relationship between Greek and indigenous literary forms.

The conference schedule is now available.


The deadline for registration for accommodation and attendance (full package) is 16 July 2013; the deadline for attendance is 23 August 2013. For registration visit our Online Store.


Through the generosity of the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and the Leventis Foundation there are a number of bursaries available for students and early-career academics who can make a strong case for financial support. The bursaries have now been awarded.

The conference is generously supported by the A.G. Leventis Foundation. If you have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the conference organisers, by emailing or


All panels to be held in the Queen's Building, Margaret Rooms.


Monday 09 September 2013

2.00-3.30: Arrival and Registration

3.30-3.45: Welcome and Opening Remarks

(1) 3.45-4.30: Perspectives I: J. Ma (Oxford), ‘The Spread of the Greek City’

4.30-5.15:Tea/coffee/soft drinks

(2) 5.15-6.00: Perspectives II: R. Seaford (Exeter), ‘Beyond Influence: Indian and Greek thought before Alexander’

6.30-7.30: Dinner: The Terrace, Devonshire House

8.00-11: Bar open

Tuesday 10 September 2013

8.00-9.00: Breakfast

I – Greek and Non-Greek Literatures

(3) 9.30-10.15: M. Hatzimichali (Cambridge), ‘Text and Wisdom in the Letter of Aristeas’

(4) 10:15-11.00: E. Bowie (Oxford), ‘Greek Culture in Hellenistic and early Imperial Bithynia’

11.00-11.30:Tea/coffee/soft drinks

(5) 11.30-12.15: T. Whitmarsh (Oxford), ‘The Invention of Syriac’

12.30-2.00: Lunch in Queen’s SCR

II – Greek Empires and the East

(6) 2.30-3.15: B. Chrubasik (Toronto), ‘The Impact of Empire’

(7) 3.15-4.00: T. Kaizer (Durham), ‘The Hellenisms of the Desert Cities’

4.00-4.45: Tea/coffee/soft drinks

(8) 4:45-5:30: S. Mitchell (Exeter), ‘Alternatives to Greekness in early Hellenistic Asia Minor’

6.30-8.00: Dinner: Birks Grange

8.00-11.00: Bar open.
Optional excursion to Exeter riverside and pubs (weather permitting).

Wednesday 11 September 2013

8.00-9.00: Breakfast

III – A Hellenistic Mesopotamia

(9) 9.30-10.15: J. Haubold (Durham), ‘Antiochus III in Babylon: an intercultural reading of AD -187A.’

(10) 10.15-11.00: Ph. Clancier (Paris I, Sorbonne), ‘The Change of the Political Function of the Babylonian Sanctuaries during the Hellenistic Period’

11.00-11.30: Coffee/tea/soft drinks

(11) 11.30-12.15: K. Stevens (Cambridge), ‘Hellenistic Scholarship and the Graeco-Babyloniaca

12.30-2: Buffet Lunch in Queen’s SCR

IV – Greeks and Non-Greeks in a Hellenistic World

(12) 2.30-3.15: R. Mairs (Reading), ‘Homer in the East? Greek myth in the epigraphy and material culture of Hellenistic Bactria’

(13) 3.15-4.00:  S. Rishoj Christensen: ‘The Emerald is always Greener on the Other Side: Greeks and cultural
self-definition seen through precious stones and luxury objects’

4.00-4.45: Tea/coffee/soft drinks

(14) 4:45-5:30: M.C.D. Paganini (Copenhagen), Greek and Egyptian Associations in Egypt: fact or fiction?

5:30-6.00: Closing Remarks

End of official programme

7.00-9.00: Drinks and Conference Dinner in Holland Hall

Thursday 12 September 2013

8.00-9.00: Breakfast

Optional opportunity for delegates to visit Exeter Cathedral and travel home.