Dr João Florêncio


Learning happens best when students feel respected, empowered, and responsible for their own learning. As such, João endorses a student-centred approach to learning and teaching. In other words, he always tries to adapt his courses to the interests and needs of his students whilst, nonetheless, never overlooking the intended course learning outcomes.

João also thinks learning should not only provide students with academic knowledge and skills but it should also help individuals become independent, critical thinkers that will go on to act in the world as informed, reflective, citizens. 

His teaching tends to privilege a thematic or conceptual organisation rather than a chronological one. Such an approach allows students to challenge some misconceptions of History and to more easily follow visual and philosophical themes and tropes as they have circulated and been reinterpreted along multiple temporal and spatial axes.

Finally, whilst he works to maintain a high level of academic rigour in his classrooms, creativity and risk-taking are important tools in his approach to learning and teaching for they allow students to become daring thinkers and to question their preexisting beliefs and assumptions. 

João holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Management of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Goldsmiths, 2012) and he is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Modules taught