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Chiara Capulli

Research Associate


01392 724350

Chiara joins the College of Humanities from the University of Cambridge as a Research Associate for the project ‘Immersive Renaissance’. While working toward degrees in art history at La Sapienza – University of Rome (BA cum laude 2013 and MA cum laude 2015), she attended the EPHE and the École du Louvre in Paris as a visiting student and worked as a student research assistant at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut. She was later awarded an MPhil in the History of Art and Architecture (Cantab 2016) with a dissertation on the patronage of Franciscan Observants, a topic which she continued to research as a recipient of the Sapienza Perfezionamento all’Estero scholarship (2016-17).

For her PhD thesis at the University of Cambridge, she is mapping the relocation of altarpieces after the 1529 Guasto of Florence - an event which brought about substantial changes in the urban fabric and the displacement of residential clusters and religious communities. Preliminary results from this research were presented at the 2019 Cambridge-Columbia Graduate Student Symposium. 

Chiara is a keen archive dweller and committed to exploring the potential of Digital Humanities methods and tools for art historical scholarship. A Visualizing Venice 2016, 2018 and 2019 alumna, she has been collaborating with researchers from Florence and Exeter to develop a framework for geo-locative visualization of Florentine historic buildings and artworks.