Here is a selection of books published by members of the department in recent years. For full lists of publications please visit individual staff profiles.

Pathological Bodies: Medicine and Political Culture (2013)<br /><a href=''>Corinna Wagner</a> Crisis and ambition: tombs and burial customs in third-century CE Rome (2013)<br /><a href=''>Barbara Borg</a> Audience as Subject (2013)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> Fragonard the Fantasy Figure (2012)<br /><a href=''>Melissa Percival</a> Tales of the City: Outsiders’ Descriptions of Cities in the Early Modern Period (2012)<br /><a href=''>Fabrizio Nevola</a> Performing Presence: Between the live and the simulated (2011)<br />Gabriella Giannachi & Nick Kaye  “La fantasme du Canard et du Hangar décoré,” Dreamlands: Des parcs d’attractions aux cites du futur (2010)<br /><a href=''>Aron Vinegar</a> I AM A MONUMENT: On Learning from Las Vegas (2008)<br /><a href=''>Aron Vinegar</a> Renaissance Siena: Art for a City (2007)<br />Fabrizio Nevola, Luke Syson, Alessandro Angelini, Philippa Jackson Multi-Media (2007)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> Siena: Constructing the Renaissance Cirty (2007)<br /><a href=''>Fabrizio Nevola</a> Beyond the Palio: urbanism and ritual in Renaissance Siena (2006)<br />Philippa Jackson and Fabrizio Nevola   Physiognomy in Profile (2005)<br /><a href=''>Melissa Percival</a> Paideia: The World of the Second Sophistic (2004)<br /><a href='/classics/staff/borg/'>Barbara Borg</a> (Editor) Der Logos des Mythos (2002)<br /><a href=''>Barbara Borg</a> Site-specific art: Performance, Place and Documentation (2000)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> Art into theatre: Performance interviews and Documents (1996)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> Mumienporträts - Chronologie und kultureller Kontext (1996)<br /><a href=''>Barbara Borg</a>