Curatorial Project (AHVM006)

60 credits

The final curatorial project is an opportunity to put your research into practice, and to set out your stall for a potential future professional career. The module requires you to conceive, plan and deliver a project for a public audience in whatever form is most appropriate to the curatorial concept, within the context of contemporary art. In addition, you will be required to submit a portfolio of written texts, along with documentation of the project and any related publicity and interpretation materials. The portfolio must contain the following two written elements:

  1. An introductory critical essay, relating to the curatorial concept of the project;
  2. Individual texts for each of the artists or exhibits involved.

This module builds upon work initiated and developed in earlier modules and as such represents the realisation of an ambitious final curatorial project that is informed by the overarching learning process of the MA as a whole.

The general form of the curated project must be agreed with the MA supervisor well in advance. You may work collectively with other students, as a group, on the curation and delivery of the practical elements of the module, with pre-agreed delegated responsibilities subject to approval at the outset. However, each student will be required to submit their project proposal individually, including a clear outline of their role within the proposed project team, and to present this proposal at the curatorial project symposium. If you choose to work as a collective, your practical contribution to the final project will still be assessed individually, along with your portfolio and written texts.