Photo of Dr Jonas Gregorio de Souza

Dr Jonas Gregorio de Souza

Research collaborations

I am currently collaborating on the following projects:

New light under the Amazon rainforest: Uncovering archaeological landscapes and cultural forests along the southern rim of the Amazon using UAV-Lidar (National Geographic, granted to José Iriarte), where I developed predictive modelling and survey of geometrical earthworks in the southern rim of the Amazon.

Pre-Columbian Amazon-Scale Transformations (European Research Council, granted to José Iriarte), where I have compilation and statistically modelled radiocarbon databases for lowland South America, as well as developing predictive models and analysis of settlement patterns of Geoglyph sites in SW Amazonia.

Jê Landscapes of Southern Brazil: Ecology, History and Power in a transitional landscape during the Late Holocene (Arts and Humanities Research Council), where I have done survey and GIS in the southern Brazilian highlands; modelling of natural and anthropic distribution of Araucaria forests; and excavations, radiocarbon dating and artefact analysis of pit house sites.