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Photo of Dr Sean Doherty

Dr Sean Doherty

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sean specialises in revealing human-animal-environment interactions through the synthesis of biomolecular (proteomics, stable isotope analysis and genetics), zooarchaeological, historical and experimental archaeological research. 

He holds a PhD in Archaeology from the University of York (AHRC) where his research focusses on 'The proteomic and isotopic analysis of parchment and their application to post-medieval sheep husbandry in Britain'. Currently, Sean is a Postdoctoral Research Associate on the AHRC Easter E.g. project. 

Research collaborations

Exploring the Easter E.g.- Shifting Baselines and Changing Perceptions of Cultural and Biological ‘Aliens’”, PI Prof. Naomi Sykes, University of Exeter (AHRC)