Dr Alexander Pryor

Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology


Extension: 5339

Telephone: 01392 725339

Room: Laver 316


Dr Alex Pryor is a Palaeolithic archaeologist who joined the University of Exeter in September 2017. Dr Pryor’s main research focus is the application of isotope analysis to human and animal remains to investigate the subsistence practices that enabled our hunter-gatherer ancestors to thrive in seasonally changing environments around the globe, but especially in cold northern climates. Topics of particular interest include the reconstruction of diet, climatic context, and the mobility patterns of humans and their prey. A secondary specialism is the study of charred plant remains. His previous research has included projects investigating Palaeolithic food storage, the Palaeolithic consumption and processing of starchy plant foods, and the reconstruction of temperature changes associated with Dansgaard-Oeschger rapid climate fluctuations of the last ice age. He is currently involved in research at Palaeolithic sites in central and eastern Europe. Prior to arriving in Exeter he studied and worked at the University of Cambridge (2003-2014) and the University of Southampton (2014-2017).