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Dr Carly Ameen

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


01392 726248

Carly is an archaeological scientist specialising in zooarchaeology. Her research focuses on the use of Geometric Morphometrics (GMM) to distinguish between the faunal remains of closely related animals and identify domesticates in archaeological contexts. She is primarily interested in how changes in animal morphology are related to changing husbandry practices and the unique cultural roles of animals in the past.

Carly holds degrees in archaeological science and anthropology and she recently completed her PhD at the University of Liverpool as part of the NERC funded “Deciphering Dog Domestication” project. Her thesis focused on the analysis of morphometric variability in prehistoric New World dogs, and investigated how changes in canid morphology can reflect changes in the cultural, technological and economic use of dogs in the Americas. Currently, she is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on the AHRC project 'Warhorse: The Archaeology of a Military Revolution?'.


Research interests

Carly is the Project Officer and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the "Warhorse" project, which is a collaborative AHRC funded research project, lead by Professors Oliver Creighton and Alan Outram.


The project is investigating the origins and impact of the Medieval Warhorse, one of the most characteristic symbols of the British Middle Ages, by conducting the first ever integrated and systematic study of the animal, combining analysis of the physical remains of horses with  the material culture associated with them, including horse apparel and armour, as well as mapping the landscapes in which horses were bred and trained.



Carly’s work focuses on the zooarchaeological analysis of equuid remains from key archaeological sites across Britian to provide a deeper-time perspective on the impact of this Medieval icon on both the broader cultural landscape of the Middle Ages, as well as on the biology of the horse itself. Her research combines traditional zooarchaeological methods with geometric morphometrics and stable isotope analysis to reconstruct changing human-equid relationships.


Research collaborations

"Warhorse: The Archaeology of a Military Revolution?", PI Prof. Oliver Creighton, University of Exeter (AHRC)


Exploring the Easter E.g.- Shifting Baselines and Changing Perceptions of Cultural and Biological ‘Aliens’”, PI Prof. Naomi Sykes, University of Exeter (AHRC).


Deciphering dog domestication through a combined ancient DNA and geometric morphometric approach”, PI: Prof. Greger Larson, Oxford University (NERC)


"Understanding Cultural Resilience and Climate Change on the Bering Sea through Yup’ik Ecological Knowledge, Lifeways, Learning and Archaeology" ELLA Project, PI: Dr. Rick Knecht, University of Aberdeen (AHRC)