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Ashleigh Haruda

Ashleigh Haruda

Originally from Corral de Tierra, California, Ashleigh Haruda attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for her B.A. While on a year abroad at University College London, she enrolled at the Institute of Archaeology, where she discovered a passion for zooarchaeology. After graduating magna cum laude with a major in history and a special minor in archaeology, she returned to the Institute of Archaeology at University College London and completed her M.Sc. in Palaeoecology of Human Societies with a focus on zooarchaeology. 

Her doctoral research at the University of Exeter combined a traditional zooarchaeological analysis of animal bones with the application of geometric morphometric methods to ovicaprid astragali from three Late and Final Bronze Age (1500-800 B.C.E.) archaeological sites Kazakhstan. She was supported in her doctoral program with a Fulbright grant from the U.S. Department of State with additional financial support from the Mount Holyoke Alumnae Fellowship fund and a grant from the College of Humanities at the University of Exeter. 

She continues to work with geometric morphometric methods and is developing research projects to further investigation intra- and inter-species morphological variation.

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