Postgraduate research students

 StudentResearch subject
Ahmad Abdulkariem Factors of deterioration of the archaeological sites and protection methods in the archaeological site of Cyrene (Shahat).
Ciprian Ardelean Pleistocene human occupation of Central-Northern Mexico
Cynthia Bradley Skeletal and mortuary evidence from the Ancestral Pueblo site of Wallace Ruin
Jill Cobley Devon Antiquarians and their contribution to both local and national archaeology
Owain Connors Frontiers, Landscapes and Identity
Nigel Crowe Historic landscape on the Isle of Man
Danielle Davies People and Points: An investigation into Technological Change across a Continent
Theresa Emmerich Determining tanning technologies from microscopic dermal fibre analysis.
Sue Fitton 'Wic' Place-names in Somerset: A study of their Romano-British or Anglo-Saxon origins.
Fiona Fleming The transition in the landscape from the end of the Roman occupation of Britain into the early medieval period
 Jodi Reeves Flores The nature of replicative experiments in archaeological research
Hayley Foster A Zooarchaeological study of changing butchery practices and species explotation: social and fashionable changes in dining habits in Medieval castles in England.
Abigail Gray Significance of the physical landscape to the location of burial sites in South West England
Lesley Harding Medieval Mills in the South West Midlands
Ashleigh Haruda Animal health in pastoral populations.
Wendy Howard Commensal or Comestible? The role and exploitation of non-ungulate mammals in prehistory
Caroline Jeffra An experimental approach to the introduction of the pottery wheel in Bronze Age Cyprus and Crete
Michael F. Johnson Identifying pre-fluted point Paleoindian sites in Virginia, USA
Nada Khreisheh The Acquisition of Flintknapping Skill:  An Experimental Study.
Rebecca Loader  
Kate Mees The early medieval funerary reuse of prehistoric and Romano-British landscapes in Wessex
Tathagata Neogi Ritual, Memory and Material Culture: Charting the archaeometallurgical record through the lives of the last iron workers of Northern Telangana, India
Claire Nicholas Is there any justification or purpose in exporting ancient monuments? Global research including a case study based on the disappearing heritage of Nubia from Egypt
Ann Oldroyd Novice flintknapping in complex bifacial stone tool manufacturing
Jo Pye Place Names in the Cornish Landscape
Katharine Sawyer Neolithic and Bronze Age entrance graves and cists of Scilly
Tine Schenck The role of organic materials in the past using a direct, archaeological method
Pip Stone Fragmented animal remains in prehistoric structured deposits
Jacqueline Veninger Norman colonialism and Welsh identities
Kate Verkooijen  
Jennifer Watling Environmental impact of the pre-Columbian geoglyph builders of Western Amazonia
Thomas Williams A functional analysis of Late Upper Palaeolithic flint technology: with specific reference to technological change and adaptation.
Alasdair Wright Early hengiform/formative henge monuments
Andrew Young The ground stone tools of Britain and Ireland: an experimental approach