Our staff are engaged in a wide range of research projects, covering topics as diverse as prehistoric basketry and medieval landscapes. Our research takes place around the world. Each of these projects are related to the department's research themes.

Featured project

Understanding Landscapes: Empowering communities to preserve their heritage

In 2017 the University of Exeter started the Understanding Landscapes project, which is generously funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and supported by the public and a network of project partners from the heritage sector. The project will use field-based and desk-based heritage activity days to enable communities in two distinct parts of Devon and Cornwall to investigate and analyse the origins of their surrounding historic landscapes, as well as contribute to their ongoing management.

Understanding Landscapes project page

A social landscape without a centre: The circulation of artefacts, materials and skills in NW Argentina (first millennium AD) Dr Marisa Lazzari
Anarchy? War and Status in Twelfth-Century Landscapes of Conflict Professor Oliver Creighton
The Archaeology of Cultural Revitalization Movements, Clovis Professor Bruce Bradley
The Archaeology of Cultural Revitalization Movements, Pueblo Professor Bruce Bradley
Aspects of the archaeology of the Avar Khaganate: the site of Zillingtal in context (7th–8th centuries AD)
Dr Hajnalka Herold
Between the Carolingian west and the Byzantine east: Fortified élite settlements of the 9th and 10th centuries AD in central Europe Dr Hajnalka Herold 
Calstock Roman fort Dr Chris SmartProfessor Stephen Rippon
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): a tool for the analysis of air flows in pre-industrial furnaces Dr Gill Juleff
Contextualizing change on the Lower Danube: Roman impact on Daco-Getic landscapes Dr Ioana Oltean
Coupled human and natural systems: late pre-Hispanic agricultural landscapes of French Guiana Professor José Iriarte
Exeter: A place in time Professor Stephen Rippon
Exmoor Iron Dr Gill Juleff
The Fields of Britannia: landscape transition in the Roman to medieval periods Professor Stephen Rippon; Dr Chris Smart
From materials to material culture Dr Linda Hurcombe
The Gault project: Palaoindian and pre-Clovis archaeology in Texas Professor Bruce Bradley
Gender: Perceptions and material culture Dr Linda Hurcombe
Horse domestication in the Botai Culture, Eneolithic Kazakhstan Professor Alan Outram
Identities as socio-material networks: Past and present configurations in South America and beyond Dr Marisa Lazzari
Improving public access to the countryside: Stonebridge, near Southend-on-Sea, Essex Professor Stephen Rippon
The Intellectual development of Egyptology and popular perceptions of Egypt, 1780-1880 Dr Robert Morkot
Investigating Neolithic and Bronze Age basketry and cordage Dr Linda Hurcombe; Lucy Williams; Linda Lemieux
The Ipplepen Project Professor Stephen Rippon
Jê Landscapes of Southern Brazil: Ecology, History and Power in a Transitional Landscape During the Late Holocene Professor José Iriarte
Linear Furnaces and pan-Asian ferrous metallurgy Dr Gill Juleff
The Lord-Collins Site: A Late Pleistocene Human Use of Southeastern Maine, USA Professor Bruce Bradley
Medieval silver mining in Bere Ferrers, Devon Professor Stephen Rippon; Dr Peter Claughton; Dr Chris Smart 
The Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village Professor Alan OutramProfessor Bruce Bradley; Dr Adrian Hannus
Monsoon Steel Dr Gill Juleff
NeoMilk: The milking revolution in temperate Neolithic Europe  Professor Alan Outram
OpenArch Dr Linda Hurcombe
The origins of pastoralism in prehistoric Kazakhstan Professor Alan Outram
Pioneering Metallurgy: the origins of iron and steel making in the Southern Indian subcontinent Dr Gill Juleff
Planning in the early medieval landscape Professor Stephen RipponDr Chris Smart
Poltimore Community Landscape Project Professor Oliver Creighton; Professor Henry French; Dr Penny Cunningham
Pre-Columbian human impact in the Bolivian Amazon Professor José Iriarte
Technological traditions of the early Middle Ages in Lower Austria Dr Hajnalka Herold 
Touching the untouchable: increasing access to archaeological artefacts by virtual handling Dr Linda Hurcombe
Trade and technology transfer in central and south-eastern Europe in the Carolingian and Ottonian period Dr Hajnalka Herold 
Understanding Landscapes Professor Stephen Rippon

Activity-related Skeletal Morphologies of Europe's Last Hunter-Gatherers and First Farmers

Professor Christopher Knüsel; S. Vilotte

All mixed up? Human: Animal Relations at Early Çatalhöyük

Professor Christopher Knüsel

Ancient Salt in Carpathian Europe 

Professor Anthony Harding

Bone fat exploitation and the importance of fat as a resource

Professor Alan Outram
Castles and landscapes: expressions of power in medieval England Professor Oliver Creighton
Çatalhöyük Project, Konya Plain, Turkey Professor Christopher Knüsel
Climate change archaeology; building resilience from research in the world’s coastal wetlands Professor Robert Van de Noort
Crandon Bridge Romano-British port Professor Stephen Rippon
Early stone tools in Pakistan Dr Linda Hurcombe
Excavation and survey at the large Bronze Age fortified site of Corneşti, Romanian Banat Professor Anthony Harding
Excavations at the Ballyarnet Bronze Age site, Northern Ireland Professor Bruce Bradley

Experimental investigation of heat damage characteristics for interpreting lithic artefacts

Dr Linda Hurcombe; Rachael Durbin

Extreme archaeology in Polar Siberia: The Zhokhov Mesolithic project

Professor Bruce Bradley

Funerary Archaeology: A Bioarchaeological Synthesis

Professor Christopher Knüsel
Greater Exmoor project Professor Stephen Rippon
Gristhorpe Man: A Life and Death in the Bronze Age Project Professor Christopher Knüsel
Heritage management of England's wetlands Professor Robert Van de Noort
A History of Human Conflict: Osteology and ‘Traumatized Bodies’ from Earliest Prehistory to the Present Professor Christopher Knüsel
The Humber wetlands project Professor Robert Van de Noort
The Ivory Bangle Lady: Migration, Ethnicity & Identity in Roman York
Professor Christopher Knüsel
The Les Maitreaux Palaeolithic project Professor Bruce Bradley
Lithic analysis: use-wear, experimental work and cultural choice Dr Linda Hurcombe
Meare: medieval exploitation of wetland resources in the Somerset Levels Professor Stephen Rippon
Medieval urban defences Professor Oliver Creighton; Dr Robert Higham
Monuments at risk in England's wetlands (MAREW) Professor Robert Van de Noort
The Neolithic Site of Grotta Scaloria, Puglia, Italy Professor Christopher Knüsel
North Somerset Levels project Professor Stephen Rippon
Our Wetland Heritage Professor Stephen Rippon
The Paleolithic and Pleistocene of Asia Professor Robin Dennell
Rubbish and archaeology Professor Robert Van de Noort
Sacred places and funerary rites: southern Jê monumental landscapes of the Southern Brazilian highlands and Argentina Professor José Iriarte
Social Organisation and Changing Beliefs in the Neolithic Transition in Southwest Asia: Evidence from the Funerary Domain Professor Christopher Knüsel
Sutton Common Professor Robert Van de Noort
Understanding prehistoric hunters' economic choices Professor Alan Outram
Unlocking Cornwall's Bronze Age past Professor Robert Van de Noort
Unusual treatment of human and animal remains at Velim Skalka, Czech Republic Professor Alan OutramProfessor Chris KnüselProfessor Anthony Harding, Dr Stephanie Knight
Wadi Faynan landscape project, Jordan Professor Oliver Creighton
Wetland management and conservation Professor Robert Van de Noort; Professor Bryony Coles
Whittlewood landscape project Professor Stephen Rippon