Bioarchaeology Dissertation Human Osteoarchaeology (ARCM408)

60 credits

The dissertation is a self-contained study of 20,000 words based on your own research, counting for 60 credits.  You will undertake human osteological research, that is relevant to either archaeological or forensic applications, and present the results at greater length than you have had opportunity to in other parts of your course.  You will need to work out a topic to study, in conjunction with your programme director, and to establish how you will set about answering the research questions posed.  The choice of topic is your own; it is important to choose something that offers good possibilities for developing an independent piece of work. We encourage students to collect and analyse their own data in the field or the laboratory, though library-based studies are also possible. In many cases, an human osteology dissertation will take the form of analysing an assemblage of human remains, with particular research questions in mind, as this will enhance both your academic and practical competences. You will learn how to collect and collate information from a range of sources, to analyse and present data, to develop skills relating to illustration, and to create hypotheses about the data based on your analysis.  The completed work should be a well-written study of the topic under discussion, with illustrations of high quality and a fully developed bibliography.

This module is a core requirement of the MSc in Bioarchaeology (Human Osteoarchaeology pathway)