Artefacts 2 (ARC1004B)

15 credits

This module will introduce you to the fascinating subject of material culture, especially as applied in archaeology.  While classroom based, teaching is done through a combination of introductory lectures and hands-on activities.  Some of the work and one of the assessments are done as small group exercises. You will further develop your skills in study of artefacts and materials.  Modified materials form artefacts and structures are a basic category of archaeological evidence. The module will introduce some of the key material categories encountered by archaeologists through practical group and individual assignments using a variety of presentation formats. Along with learning about artefacts as objects you will also learn about how they were made, their place in time and how they contribute to our understanding of the past.  You do not need any prior experience with these materials and the module is appropriate within interdisciplinary studies.   While it is a continuation of ARC1004A: Artefacts 1, you do not have to have taken it to enrol in this module.