Week in the Life of ...

Augusta Karlsdottir
BA Theology and Religion with Study Abroad


In my opinion, Mondays are the most challenging, and I make sure to have all my studies organised and well prepared for the week ahead. However, it is always great to catch up with everyone after the weekend! After my two lectures, I go to the library to borrow some new books and finish my current reading, which includes Weil and Dostoevsky. Afterwards, I have dinner, and sketch a work plan for the essay that I will finish tomorrow!


Today, I have no lectures, so I dedicate my time to finishing the essay. The Forum library offers a wonderful wealth of literature on every subject, and the automatic book-loaning machines are extremely time-efficient. All in all, it is not only a great library, but also a sophisticated working environment! In my break, I indulge in a Pret-a-manger (conveniently located in the Forum) juice and a muffin - highly recommended fuel for a student!


My day starts with a Spanish lesson, as I’ve chosen that to be my optional module this term! I arrive to the Old Library a few hours earlier than my lesson to do some homework; it is a nice building with modern interior and much space to study. On my way home, I chat to a coursemate about joining the student orchestra, as I play the violin. I am amazed by all the societies offered at the university; they allow for every student to socialise and make lasting connections in a relaxed and fun setting of their choice.


This is my longest day of the week. Thankfully, the theology department is small and friendly, and my classmates and I are good friends who always help each other out. Amidst our lectures, we get to relax in the lunch break at the elegant Queens Café. As an Academic Representative on the Student Staff Liaison Committee, I receive some constructive feedback from my coursemates about their experience of our department’s teaching. In this photo are my theology friends, and I can be seen revising today’s reading material!


My favourite day of the week! This week at uni ends with a great seminar led by an inspiring lecturer. I spend a few hours in the Forum library, borrowing some books for the weekend, and reading further in Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov,” extra reading for one of my modules. After dinner, I enjoy the prospect of the weekend, and relax by watching some shows and listening to classical music.


Saturdays are for friends and laundry! I did some laundry and tidied my room. Then, I went into town with my friend Lily, whom I met in the dining hall, as we stay in the same halls! We explored the amazing Royal Albert Memorial Museum, which shows fascinating artefacts from Exeter and Devon. As a great fan of art, I was also delighted to see their range of paintings. Whilst waiting for the bus, we ran into the lovely Carmen, who serves food in our dining hall. We had a really nice chat and jumped on the D bus together back to campus!


I attend the campus chapel every Sunday morning. After Mass, the chaplaincy offers a free lunch for students! Here we are exchanging stories and enjoying each other’s company after one such good lunch. After Mass, I have my family time, when I talk to friends and family back home in Iceland. It’s nice to stay in touch on a regular basis. Then, there is dinner, and afterwards I read, organise, and prepare all my studies for the upcoming week!