Week in the Life of ...

Sophie Telfer
BA Flexible Combined Honours with Work Abroad (French, Spanish and Tourism)


Only 1 French seminar so I make this my French day. I usually spend the afternoon working in the library then I have athletics training in the evening.


I have 2 lectures today. I work between my two lectures in the Foreign Language Centre. In the evening I will typically go on a job with my running club.


I usually meet up with my Spanish friend over a coffee to practice my Spanish oral. Then I have a seminar. Afternoon is athletics training. Evening is sports social night. We typically meet in a pub for a few drinks then out to the night clubs.


My busiest day! I have four seminars – which doesn’t sound that much but is actually exhausting. Given I would have worked all day – I typically have a relaxing evening and maybe go to the gym.


I only have one class today so I use this day to catch-up and get ahead of work before the weekend.
Saturday/Sunday: Weekends always vary. Sometimes I’ll go on the park run (a 5km run open to everyone) that takes place down at the Quay. Sometimes I’ll do a day/weekend trip to see friends in other universities. Sometimes I’ll just go into town and do some grocery shopping! Either way, I’m rarely broad.