A week in the life of ...

Alexandra Swain

BA English (Penryn Campus)


I had a relaxed day as I'd submitted a big essay the night before and went along to a workshop about online resources for medieval and renaissance texts. Got the bus to the local shop for supplies.


A busy day with a workshop and two lectures. I spent quite a bit of time in the library researching and gathering ideas on my next essay.


After my lecture I went for a study group session with some friends. Spent the evening playing cards with my flatmates.


One of my busiest days, I went to two seminars and a lecture on Victorian interpretations of Shakespeare and then later a night out in Falmouth with a friend.


Watched a film screening of Henry V performed at the Globe for my Shakespeare module. Spent the evening hanging out with flatmates playing cards and chatting.


A day of chores and tidying up because of a flat inspection next week. An early night because I have to get up early for the expedition society.


Went for a 7 hour hike with the expedition society along the Cornish moors and coastline, ending up in St. Ives.