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Students' stories

What do current Humanities students and recent graduates have to say about the Professional Experience they gained at Exeter?

Sarah Kearsey

MA Translation student and Change Agents project manager

"Through Change Agents, I have improved my leadership skills, which is definitely something I can highlight to future potential employers."

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Barnabas Balint

BA History student and Change Agents project manager

"The nature of this Change Agents project means that I have developed a wide variety of Employability skills and I'm pleased with my work."

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Victoria Sanders

BA English student and Humanities in the Workplace placement student

"Humanities in the Workplace connected my studies with my career opportunities and made me see my course in a different light."

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Sophie Wood

BA History student and Public History placement student

"Public History helped me to appreciate the hard work that goes into working in an environment that presents history to the public."

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Grace-Emmanuelle Kabeya

BA English student and Making a Career in Publishing student

"This module gave me confidence to continue on my publishing journey."

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Tyler Mills

BA History graduate and Education Catalyst Project Coordinator GBP

"Make the most of every chance you have, and put yourself out there."

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