College-wide Modules

Humanities in the Workplace: HUM2000 and HUM2001

These two second year modules are offered to students across the College and will permit students to undertake a self-organised work placement, totalling 40 or 80 hours. The modules allow students to develop an understanding of how the skills and knowledge acquired as part of a Humanities degree are applicable to the workplace and to extend relevant work-based skills and knowledge in a reflective way. The module provides an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of a business or work environment through practical work and to gain experience in the use of technologies and applications commonly used in organisations. Work experience can take place at various points in the year, in one or two blocks or continuously (with a maximum 15h/week during term time). 

All students are required to attend a series of workshops, co-ordinated and delivered by the Employability Manager, with support from the University’s Careers Consultants. All students will participate in a series of 1 hour seminars led by a module tutor. These sessions enable students to understand employment-related issues from a range of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives. The module is designed to enable the work placement(s) to take place at any point between the last workshop and the assessment.

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