Professor Christopher Southgate

Research interests

The interaction of evolutionary theory with Christian theology.

The origin of life as a problem in science, theology and philosophy.

Environmental ethics in relation to Christian theology.

The poetry of T.S. Eliot, G.M.Hopkins and R.S.Thomas.

The concept of 'glory' in the Bible and tradition.

Research collaborations

Chris has a long-time collaboration with Dr Andrew Robinson, Honorary University Fellow in the Dept. Robinson and Southgate were one of only two teams in the world to gain all three rounds of funding in the Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series ( The third phase of STARS included a collaboration with Professor Niles Lehman (Portland State, USA) on origin of life research, as well as work with Professor Terrence Deacon (University of California at Berkeley) on anthroplogy. The collaboration with Lehman is the subject of further funding proposals,