Photo of Dr Lucy O'Connor

Dr Lucy O'Connor

Associate Research Fellow


Extension: 5563

Telephone: 01392 725563

Lucy undertook her BA in the History of Art at the University of York (2005-2008) and although she specialised in Victorian art, it was there that she was first introduced to Late Antique Christian art and architecture.  Lucy then studied for her MA in the department of Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Manchester (2008-2009) and concentrated on the Byzantine churches within the ancient Nabataean city of Petra.  It was during her MA that she discovered a small, wooden box that was filled with relics from the Holy Land and her interest in this artefact led to a PhD at the University of Manchester (2009-2012).  Her PhD thesis highlighted a collection of wooden reliquary boxes that formed part of the cache of relics from the chapel of the Sancta Sanctorum within the Lateran Palace in Rome and brought wooden reliquaries to the fore as a form of Late Antique pilgrimage eulogia.  

In January 2013, Lucy started her role as the Post-Doctoral Fellow on Professor Emma Loosley’s European Research Council funded project entitled, Architecture and Asceticism: Cultural Interaction between Syria and Georgia in Late Antiquity’.  Her role on the project is to research Late Antique pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  Lucy will explore the routes undertaken by the early pilgrims; the written accounts from this period with their telling descriptions of the holy sites visited and personal experiences of pilgrimage; and the artefacts linked to pilgrimage and their trade across the Caucasus.