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Professor Morwenna Ludlow

Research supervision

I am currently supervising four research students who have projects relating to the Church Fathers: some focus on deepening a contextual understanding of certain beliefs and practices (e.g. prayer in the writings of the Cappadocians; John Chrysostom and non-Christian Greek authors); others focus on the reception and contemporary significance of the theology and traditions of the early church (the doctrines of creation and the Trinity in Augustine and modern theology; the diaspora Coptic church in the USA).

I welcome enquiries about research in any area relating to the early Christian church or literature in Late Antiquity, especially projects involving reception-history or the relation of the Fathers to modern theology/philosophy.

Research students

Past reseach students:

Donna Cooper Was Tertullian a misogynist? A re-examination of this charge based on a rhetorical analysis of Tertullian's work  2012  Thesis (Ph.D.) - Exeter University, College of Humanities. See:  

Sean Willis: In what sense is Mary a type of the Church? An examination of the development of Mario-ecclesiology 2013 Thesis (Ph.D.) - Exeter University, College of Humanities. See:

Current research students:

Jane Ellingwood: Creation and God as One, Creator, and Trinity in Early Christian Theology through Augustine

Graham Field:The Development of the Divine Office in 4th Century Cappadocia

Paschalis Gkortsilas: John Chrysostom and the Greeks: Hellenism and Greek philosophy in the rhetoric of John Chrysostom

Charlotte Neill: The Coptic Orthodox Church in America: Expanding Horizons

Karen O'Donnell: The Flesh of Mary and The Body of Christ

Giovanni Hermanin de Reichenfeld: The role of the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John within Origen’s and Augustine’s Commentaries.