Photo of Professor Emma Loosley

Professor Emma Loosley

Research supervision


I am interested in supervising subjects in the following fields:

  • Oriental Christian and early Islamic Art, Architecture and Archaeology
  •  Late Antique and Medieval Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Ecclesiastical History
  •  Oriental Liturgies
  • Issues relating to Middle Eastern Christianity of any period
  • European Travellers in the Middle East 
  • Themes of syncretism and inter-religious and inter-cultural exchange in the Middle East and surrounding area


My completed PhD Students include:

Saeid Khaghani, Iran,  “The Effect of Iranian Identity on Mosque Architecture”

Ahmet Sezgin, Turkey, “Perceptions of  Mimar Sinan from the Constitutional Revolution until the present day” 

Catherine Taylor, USA, “Late Antique Images of the Virgin Annunciate Spinning”

Ermioni Karachliou, Greece, “The Byzantine Churches of the Paliochora Peninsula, Aegina”

Lucy O’Connor, UK, “A reliquary box from the Sancta Sanctorum of St John Lateran”