Professor Louise Lawrence


I have served as Director of Education for Theology and Religion and Liberal Arts since 2013, and have instituted a number of initiatives within the department specifically aligned to the University Education Strategy. I also wrote the new core module, 'Being Human' for the Liberal Arts programme and have overseen quality control and programme review of Liberal Arts. I have also led the design, writing and accreditation of a new degree programme for Theology and Religion 2015-2016 u/g entry, in line with revised subject benchmark statements for the discipline published in 2014. I have designed and implemented a variety of different learning and assessment methods in my Level 2 & 3 option modules including evaluation of u/g research posters by postgraduate researchers, response-ware classroom activities and creative writing portfolios. Also in-service/field visit reflection reports on class visits to Sense ( and the Bridge Collective (

Guild Teaching Awards

My commitment and innovative teaching practice has been corroborated by my success at the Guild Teaching awards. In 2017 I was runner up in the ‘Most Supportive Staff Member’ category, in 2013 I was shortlisted in the ‘Research Inspired Teaching’ category and in 2012 I was runner up in the ‘Best Lecturer’ category.

Teaching at Exeter: Module and Programme Design

2017 Designed, wrote and accredited new core level 1 module and revised programme structure of Liberal Arts degree programme.

2013-2014 Designed, wrote and accredited new Degree Programme in Theology and Religion for 2015-16 entry.

2014 Designed ‘Religion, Philosophy and Ethics’ FCH pathway

Undergraduate core modules (all independently developed) Level 1: Bible: Past and Present (15 credits) Level 1: Gospels: Origins and Outlooks (15 credits) I also contribute sessions on disability to the Level 1: Being Human (30 credits) Liberal Arts Undergraduate option modules (all independently developed) Level 1: Biblical Hermeneutics (15 credits) Levels 2 & 3: Encountering the Historical Jesus (30 credits) Levels 2 & 3: Deviant Bodies: Disability Studies and the New Testament (30 credits) Other input to undergraduate modules Level 3: Dissertation (30 credits)

Postgraduate taught modules (all independently developed) Anthropology and Biblical Studies Disability Studies and the Bible

Postgraduate team-taught module (contributing selected sessions to . . .) Approaches to Biblical Studies

Modules taught