Dr Jonathan Hill

Research interests

My background is in both philosophy and theology: my master's is in theology and my PhD is in philosophy, and I've followed both paths (and the middle ground between them) in my research since.

On the philosophy side, my main area of expertise is in seventeenth-century philosophy. I have published on the philosophy of Leibniz and of a number of sceptical philosophers, and my future research plans include further work on sceptical philosophy and its interaction with other movements (particularly Cartesianism) during this period. I'm currently working on a book on the different theories of belief held by Cartesians and sceptics at this time.

Theologically, I have two main areas of interest. The first is philosophical theology / philosophy of religion (no-one is quite sure what the difference is), particularly the doctrine of incarnation. The second is theological history, particularly the early church, and also medieval theology. I'm especially interested in bringing together these different approaches, in order to do philosophy of religion from a position of deep understanding of and engagement with the "classical" theologians - and also to do history of theology from a position of philosophical engagement with the thinkers in question.