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Dr Esther D. Reed

Research supervision

Christian ethics, political theology and practical theology
Research topics currently (or recently) supervised and co-supervised
The Problem of Moral Ambivalence: Revisiting Henry Sidgwick’s Theory of Rational Benevolence as a Basis For Moral Reasoning, with Reference to Prenatal Ethical Dilemmas
'World view' as a key for non-specialist teachers of RE
An Examination of Prevalent 21st Century Models of Community Engagement by the Black Churches
Moral Disengagement, Hope & Spirituality: Including an empirical exploration of combat veterans
Theological Praxis of Emerging Churches in America
How Thomas Arnold’s Christian convictions shaped his view of what makes a good education, with reflections and applications for the twenty-first century
John Wesley's theology of liberty and human rights discourse in the Methodist Church GB
Theology of fear in Thomas More
The theology and practice of teetotalism in early Methodism
A new natural law critique, with particular reference to Robert P. George
Experiences of NHS chaplaincy
Missional churches in the UK
Theological Praxis of Emerging Churches in America
The Theology of Miroslav Volf  
A Theology of Disability 
Women in 19th and 20th Century America: Religion and Reform  
Research Topics Supervised Elsewhere
The Passions and the Moral Life
Religious and Ethical Motifs in the Novels of George Eliot
An Historical and Theological Analysis of Korean Fundamentalism
Topics in Feminist Theology