Photo of Dr Susannah Cornwall

Dr Susannah Cornwall

Public engagement

I regularly deliver talks, lectures and workshops for audiences beyond the University. These have included church groups in London, Manchester, Exeter and Plymouth; arts festivals in Sheffield and Cheltenham; youth and student groups in Dewsbury and Manchester; and conferences for groups such as the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (now OneBodyOneFaith) and the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality.

I have been involved in professional training for groups including clergy, healthcare chaplains, gender medicine specialists, counsellors and pastoral carers.

I have given public lectures in a range of places from Glasgow, Scotland to Berkeley, California. I have also given lectures on philosophy and theology to sixth-form students, and led widening participation sessions at secondary schools in Devon.

Contribution to discipline

Grants awarded

  • "Readings from the Road", British Academy Small Research Grant 2010 (for contextual Bible study project with homeless and vulnerably-housed people in South-West England)
  • University of Manchester Investing in Success grant 2012 (for lecture tour in Boston, MA and Berkeley, CA)
  • University of Exeter HASS Project Development Fund 2014 (for workshops on variant sex and gender, religion and faith)
  • Modelling Transgender Spiritual Care: Pilot Framework for People Undergoing Gender Transition in NHS England Gender Clinics (with West of England NHS Specialist Gender Identity Clinic), Sir Halley Stewart Trust, 2017-19

Conferences organized

  • "Intersex, Theology and the Bible", funded by Lincoln Theological Institute, 2013
  • "Embodied Ministry: Gender, Sexuality and Formation", Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality, 2014

Academic society positions

  • Executive committee member, Society for the Study of Theology, 2013-16
  • Executive committee member, TRS-UK, 2017-

Editorial work

  • Editorial board member, Modern Believing
  • Editor, Bloomsbury T&T Clark book series Rethinking Theologies: Constructing Alternatives in History and Doctrine



Media coverage of my work

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  • Bingham, John (2012), “Jesus may have been a hermaphrodite, claims academic”, The Telegraph, 2 March 2012, online at
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  • Mullen, Peter (2012), “Jesus was a man: look at the evidence, Dr Cornwall”, The Telegraph, 2 March 2012, online at

I have also discussed my own work and other issues including trade justice, gender-neutral liturgy, women bishops in the Church of England, transableism, and the Bible, on BBC Radio Jersey, BBC Radio Devon, and Premier Christian Radio.