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Research in reception of Christian and Jewish traditions includes the study of Middle Eastern Christianity.

Reception of Christian and Jewish traditions

Our research in the reception of Christian and Jewish Traditions traditions covers a range of subjects, focusing in particular on the period of late antiquity and the study of cultural artefacts.

Research interests include: Middle Eastern Christianity from its origins until the time of the Crusades, including its relationship with Islamic art and architecture; the contemporary attitudes of Middle Eastern Christians to their history and cultural heritage; religious responses to the Holocaust; the fourth-century Cappadocian theologian, Gregory of Nyssa; the connection between the theology of the Early Church Fathers and contemporary theological reflection; Christian heresy, especially the Gnostics; and the art and architecture of early Christian martyr shrines and basilicas in Rome, Jerusalem and Constantinople.

The 'Identities and Beliefs' subtheme of the University's HASS strategy provides a hub for research in this area.

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