The Centre is committed to developing research projects in collaboration with churches in the South West, UK and abroad.

Centre for the Learning Church

The Centre for the Learning Church is committed to developing theological research projects in collaboration with churches regionally, nationally and internationally, and to developing projects that take the life of those churches as an object of theological and philosophical reflection. 

We are particularly interested in projects that explore the relationship between doctrinal or philosophical theology on the one hand and ethnographic and phenomenological attention to the patterns of ordinary ecclesial practice on the other. 

We are interested in patterns of use of the Bible in churches; the ways in which churches form the ethical stances of their members; the processes by which the key teachings of Christian faith are learned and embodied; the forms of implicit and explicit Christology operative in ordinary Christian life; and the forms of theological reflection that inform and sustain changing patterns of Christian ministry.

Research projects

Members of the Centre have been involved in a number of research projects:

In addition Cherryl Hunt is working on a project sponsored by the Bible Society, with supervision from Louise Lawrence and Mike Higton. Focusing on a small number of selected church congregations, this research is exploring how people respond to various teaching materials regarding the Bible and issues in Christian theology and ethics.