Louise Lawrence delivering her paper at the British New Testament Conference in St Andrews.

New Testament Society at the University of Heidelberg presenting a Festschrift to Gerd Theissen.

David Horrell and Petra von Gemuenden present a Festschrift to Gerd Theissen.

David Horrell with Professor Keith Ward, Dr John Frye and Julie Arliss.

David Horrell at the Manchester University Postgraduate Research Day. Image courtesy of the University of Manchester. Photo: Ant Clausen (www.antclausen.com).

News archive

Cheltenham Science Festival, Gender Equality Symposium, and World Humanist Congress

In June 2014, Francesca Stavrakopoulou spoke at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival on subject of the Bible, religion and science. In July, she was also a keynote speaker at the 'Gender Equality Now!' symposium at the University of Oxford, calling for new methods and mechanisms for gender equality in academia. In August 2014 she delivered a talk at the World Humanist Congress on “Thinking and Speaking Freely about Religion”, alongside BBC Radio 4’s Making History Presenter Tom Holland and the Guardian columnist Zoe Williams.

Manchester University Postgraduate Research Day

In June 2014, David Horrell presented the main lecture at the University of Manchester’s postgraduate research day, on 'The Intersections of Religious and Ethnoracial Identities: Exploring Implications in Early Christian Texts and Modern New Testament Scholarship'.

British New Testament Conference

Louise Lawrence gave one of the main plenary papers at the British New Testament Conference in St Andrews on 30 August 2013. The subject of her paper was 'The Disabilities of Biblical Studies: Coming to our Senses in Biblical Interpretation'.

Celebrating ‘Open Science’ Champions of Change at the White House

On Thursday June 20th, an event was held at the White House to honour 'Champions of Change' who are promoting and using open scientific data and publications to accelerate progress and improve our world. Honouree Will Noel took the opportunity to announce on-going work on the ‘Syriac Galen Palimpsest’, with which Siam Bhayro is involved.

Theology: Quest and Questions

In June 2013, Louise Lawrence led a series of talk as part of the 'Theology: Quest and Questions' course. The talks, held in Tiverton, were entitled 'Navigating Strange Worlds: The New Testament and Cultural Anthrpology'.

New Testament Society

On Friday 26th April, David Horrell took part in a meeting of the New Testament Society at the University of Heidelberg. The Society presented a Festschrift to Gerd Theissen, one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars, on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The Festschrift, Jesus: Gestalt und Gestaltungenis co-edited by Horrell and published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Julie Arliss Conferences

David Horrell has given presentations at four of Julie Arliss’ 2012-13 Academy Conferences. The conferences were attended by a total of around 600-700 sixth form students. David spoke on the use of the Bible in environmental ethics. Other speakers included Prof. Keith Ward and Dr John Frye.

Beyond Stewardship? Conference

On 16th October 2012 the Centre welcomed around 50 teachers and trainee teachers from the Southwest region to a conference organised as part of the Beyond Stewardship research project. Delegates were introduced to the project's website which provides teaching resources on Christian perspectives on environmental 

Ecocongregation Ireland

David Horrell delivered a lecture to around 130 people at the inaugural conference of Ecocongregation Ireland, held from 13-15 Sept 2012 at Dromantine, near Newry. The subject of his lecture was “Is the Bible Green? Reading Scripture Ecologically”.