Reading Early Jewish and Christian Texts (THE3182)

15 credits

This module will give you the opportunity to engage in independent study into a text of your choosing, with academic support.  You are required to have already successfully completed relevant studies at Stages 1 and 2, according to guidelines from the module convenor, to be able to complete this module.  In consultation with the module convenor and specialist supervisor, you will choose from a range of texts either in English translation or in its original language (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, or Latin), such as biblical, extra-biblical or early Christian/patristic texts.  You will be supported through classes which will provide context for discussion of issues of translation and/or interpretation.  You will complete a significant amount of independent (but guided) study and be introduced to skills and approaches relevant to research. You will present your research and findings in a 5,000 word essay which will allow you to demonstrate the skills you have acquired.