Elementary Akkadian (THE2166)

Lecturer(s)Dr Siam Bhayro
Credit Value15
ECTS Value7.50
Duration of ModuleOne Term
Total Student Study Time150 hrs (20 x 1 hr class time and 130 hrs private study)

Module aims

This option module will introduce the basic grammar of Akkadian (specifically Old-Babylonian), including the use of a limited number of cuneiform signs, exercises in transliteration and translation. The aim will be to acquire sufficient grammar to enable the study of Hammurabi's Legal Code in the next course.

Intended learning outcomes

Module-specific skills

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

1 - possess an active command of basic Akkadian grammar

Discipline-specific skills

2 - possess a working knowledge of essential materials (lexicons, reference grammars, journals etc.)

Personal and key skills

3 - master the methods associated with acquiring a highly inflected ancient language

Learning and teaching methods

Details of Learning and Teaching Methods:

This module will consist of twenty one-hour classes, with regular homework assignments and classroom feedback.


There will be formative classroom exercise to which feedback will be given. (ILOs 1-3)


One 2hr exam for 100% of the total mark.(ILO 1)

Syllabus plan

The module will be based on the textbook listed in the reading list below.

Indicative basic reading list

Indicative basic reading list:

Richard Caplice, Introduction to Akkadian, Rome 2002

J. Black, A. George & N. Postgate, A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian, Wiesbaden 2000