Photo of  Richard Holding

Richard Holding

Education Technologist


01392 722855

Research Support

I develop web resources for research projects, with particular expertise in development for Digital Humanities research.  My skills include the design of custom mapping solutions in JavaScript using the GoogleMaps API, the creation of websites for managing and displaying digital collections in Omeka, and the design of websites and blogs on the WordPress platform, including the extension of plugins. I liaise with academic Principal Investigators and Co-investigators to ensure that the digital outputs address the research questions of the project and are tailored to the intended audiences. I also advise academics and professional services staff on Digital Humanities aspects of bid writing for funders including the AHRC, identifying appropriate technologies and contributing details of development requirements for Technical Plans.

Teaching Support

I work with key technologies used in teaching including the University’s installation of Moodle, online assessment submission and marking via Turnitin, and audience response clickers using TurningPoint software. I provide support to academics using these systems to ensure that they are equipped to make best use of them in delivering their teaching and marking.