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Name:Will Barrett
PhD thesis title: Digital Interaction with Heritage
Period of study: September 2012 – August 2015
Primary supervisor: Professor Gabriella Giannachi, Professor in Performance and New Media, University of Exeter
Secondary supervisors: Rick Lawrence, Digital Media Officer, RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery)
Short description:

Working with the Centre for Intermedia at the University of Exeter and RAMM, my REACT funded research examines the nature of digital interaction with heritage in the museum sector. Significant emphasis is placed upon the changing nature of the museum agenda and methods of communicating the past, with particular reference to, and examinations of, the mobilisation of heritage materials.


While maintaining that material culture and the physical setting around us are the key elements at the core of historical engagement, this body of work inspects the symbiotic relationship between the impact of new media and digital technology, and the manner in which museum visitors engage with historical content.


The thesis argues that the mobilisation of heritage materials allows us to experience the traces and evidence of history that surrounds every day, not solely within the walls of the museum but more specifically in the wider sphere of our physical environment, and how this form of contextual and experiential learning provides significant cultural and educational value. The overarching concern of this study is to outline how current and proposed modes of mobile presentation and communication are impacting on our engagement with historical materials and journeys into the past, in order to outline a model of heritage interaction, which is relevant, engaging and sustainable within our contemporary and future society.


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