Being Human Festival 2018

Being Human, the UK's only national festival of the humanities, will be back for its fifth year between 15 and 24 November 2018. 

To read more about the national festival please visit the Being Human website.

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University of Exeter events

During the festival, University of Exeter academics will open up their research to a number of different audiences with events across Devon. Everyone is invited to attend the free events which will celebrate humanities research. The theme for the 2018 festival is 'Origins and Endings’.

Find out more about the University of Exeter events below:

15 November, 3-4.30pm; venue: RAMM

In 1909, Cicely Hamilton wrote The Pageant of Great Women to support the fight for women’s suffrage.Meet some of the ‘great women’ of history originally imagined by queer suffrage activists and learn more about suffrage and LGBTQ+ history.

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24 November, 10.30am - 12pm

Meet us behind the library in Rougemont gardens to explore the history of Exeter through stories of deaths, diseases, and disasters.

Accessibility information: A gentle walk on pavements, but it will be busy. Contact us for further information. Owing to the nature of the content, this tour is unsuitable for unaccompanied children.

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17 November, 5-9pm; venue: Exeter Cookery School

You are what you eat, but also where you eat and with whom. This interactive event will explore the archaeology, history and literary genres of meat consumption. It will highlight how attitudes have changed through time and with what consequences for humans, animals and the environment. Join us at the Exeter Cookery School to explore the archaeology, history and literary genres of meat consumption. If humans are going to eat meat, what sort of animals should they? Come and find out!

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17 November (throughout the day); venue: RAMM and various venues across town

The RAMM holds exciting archaeology collections from Exeter and beyond. Join researchers from the University of Exeter who will be running a range of engaging interactive activities that tell the story of our city. Suitable for all.

No booking required.

18 November (throughout the day); venue: RAMM and various venues across town

Britain’s animals reflect the islands’ cultural history. When and why did dogs and cats get introduced to Britain? When and why did bears and wolves go extinct? Come find out about the origins of the animals that share our lives today, and about the endings of those that were brought to extinction in the past. Should they be re-introduced? You decide! The day will be led by some of the country’s leading natural history experts and will have a rolling programme of interactive activities, debates, story-telling and music performances that will be suitable for all.

Various dates in November - see details below

Come and explore the idea of ‘ingenious soil’ through a series of events, including an art exhibition, conversation with a local farmer, and readings of Virgil’s Georgics, the ancient Roman agricultural poem. There will also be plenty of opportunity to get your hands dirty!

Soil is animal, vegetable and mineral. It is both singular and plural, and can signify waste, dirt, and decay, as well as the origin of life. When it becomes ‘land’ it is inherently political; as ‘earth’ it prompts a consideration of the wider environment. It encapsulates and confuses time.

  • 16th November 7-9pm (exhibition launch, talk, cheese tasting); venue: Devon and Exeter Institution. Book online.
  • 17th November 10am-2pm (workshops for all ages); venue: Devon and Exeter Institution (drop-in)
  • 19th until 23rd November artwork available for viewing 9am-5pm at the Co-Lab

Were you born outside the UK? Come and talk to us in your mother tongue, bringing a memory object with you. Your memories will be videoed and made into a short film which will be subtitled and screened in Exeter.

Please get in touch with Danielle Hipkins in advance:

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