Success stories

Language masterclasses - St Peter's Church of England Aided School

St Peter's Church of England Aided School visited us for a Modern Languages Masterclass. Read their full report on the school's website. Hear from Year 10 student Ashley Jenkins on her experiences during the day. 

“The first thing we did was listen to some of the students tell us about the different aspects of University. For example, student union, housing, social life, which was interesting as I had never heard about it from a students’ point of view. Then we had a tour of the Queen’s building, which was great because I had never seen the inside before. Next we had a lecture about German History Museums which gave everyone a feel of what a real University lecture is like. After lunch we did a quiz with a couple of language students which was fun and I learnt some new things about Germany. At the end of the day, we had a short talk from some fourth year language students who had been out to different countries to teach, go to a different University of work. It sounded amazing! Finally we filled in an evaluation and went home. Overall, it was a great day and gave everyone an insight into University life and studying languages.”

Ashley Jenkins - Year 10 student

Science at the Seaside

Science at the Seaside is a project that offered local primary schools free workshops on ‘writing and place’ in Devon, with a particular focus on writing about the local sea-side/coast. The workshops primarily had a literary focus, but with a scientific component.  Examples of some of the work produced can be seen below:


My Francine has a voice, Scaly and pale, I swim in my salty tears all day,
With crashing waves and stormy clouds, Hour upon hour I cry,

The stumbling, tumbling people, And shells, shells, shells, shells, I sit on the sand, Singing my tragic song.

But when I was a full pair, I was happy, I was a perfect, pretty princess, Talking to my sister, And singing and laughing, Happy tears.

But on quiet days, When I have time to think, I imagine having friends, Dancing and singing around with my friends, I dream of them playing all day, So hopefully, so hopefully, I dance daily.



Spinny has a voice, Wreaked and decayed, I spin in the sea all day, With sticking rocks and clashing waves, Hour and hour I try to sleep, The bitter sand and pebbles, pebbles, pebbles, pebbles, I see the cheerful fish pass by, Making the dust fly.

But when I was fixed and loved, And the sun shines in the cloudless sky,
Splashing in the water the boat moves round and round.

But on quiet days when I have time to think, I imagine being a boat once more, Sailing the peaceful ocean again, With my propeller spinning fast, I love splashing in the sea, So peaceful, so peaceful, I rest with Clock Bridge.