Modern Languages level 2 undergraduate modules

These Modern Languages modules were available to undergraduate students during the current and previous academic years. While they are representative of the choices which will be available to you during your degree, you should note that modules may change depending on the research interests of staff. Lists of specific language modules can be found on the French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish pages.

Module Credits
"What is Love? And Do I Need It?" An Introduction to Spanish Renaissance Love Poetry 15
Berlin - Culture, History and Politics 15
Catalonia Is Not Spain? Modern Catalan Culture in Context 15
Comic Perspectives on German History in Literature and Film 15
Contemporary Russian Written and Oral I 30
Crime and Madness in German Prose Fiction 15
Crime and Punishment in French Fiction 15
Dread and Delight: Portraying Passions in Early Modern French Literature 15
East is East? Cross-Cultural Encounters in Medieval French Literature 15
Encounters and Entanglements: Chinese Art in Global Perspective 15
Evolution of the French Language 15
Federico Garcia Lorca: Theatre and Poetry 15
Fiction in Post-War Spain: Voices of Conformity and Subversion 15
Freedom and French Realism 15
French Language, Written and Oral 30
German Language, Written and Oral 30
Intercultural Communication 15
Intermediate Chinese (One) 30
Intermediate German 30
Intermediate Portuguese 30
Intermediate Russian 30
Intimate Spaces of the French Enlightenment 15
Italian Language 30
Italian Language, Written and Oral 30
Key Modern Poets from Spain and Latin America 15
Love (and Marriage?) in Contemporary Italian Film Comedy 15
Love and Death in Spanish Drama 15
Multilingualism in Society 15
Narratives of Child Sexual Abuse 15
Politics and Religion in Alessandro Manzoni's The Betrothed 15
Politics of Art: a Cultural Studies Perspective on Modern China 15
Portuguese as a Global Language 15
Provoking Thoughts - French Literature and Philosophy from the Renaissance to the 20th Century 15
Reading China: from Mandarins to Revolutionists 15
Reformation and Rupture, the Sinner and the Saved: An Introduction to Germany in the Early Modern Period 15
Russian Cinema in Five Films 15
Soviet History from the Revolution to the Death of Stalin 15
Spain from Democracy to Dictatorship: Republic, Civil War and Francoism, 1931-1953 15
Spanish Language (ex-beginners) 30
Spanish Language, Written and Oral 30
Telling Stories: Narrative Strategies in 19th and 20th Century Fiction in French 15
Text and Image in Early European Culture 15
The Latin American Short Story 15
Travelling Identities in the Lusophone World 15
Understanding Russia 15
Varieties of French 15
Violence and Virtue: Early Modern French Theatre 15